About Us

Tradition of Quality and Innovation

Designer Arch Doors are manufactured by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation. Built upon the rich infrastructure of Formosa Plastics Group, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation is committed to a tradition of quality and innovation. Formosa Plastics Group is one of Taiwan's largest conglomerates. Formosa Plastics Group was founded in 1954 with 94,815 dedicated employees and annual revenues totaling US$62 Billion annually. Leveraging the wealth of resources of Formosa Plastics Group, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation provides the manufacturing strength and world-class management required to build the finest doors in the world.

Designer Arch Doors

Designer Arch Doors represents the outcome of 25 years of diligent research and development combined with the most advanced production facilities in the world. Each Designer Arch Door is marked by excellence in craftsmanship and is backed by ISO9001 and ISO14000 accreditation. Our doors are more dent-proof than steel, more durable than wood, and environmentally friendly. More importantly, our doors are resistant to rotting, warping, and rusting.

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration means controlling the entire process from planning to production and ensuring that each door meets consistent quality standards demanded by our customers. Nan Ya's process ensures that all feedback by partners and homeowners are collected, analyzed, and acted upon to optimize Nan Ya's process from the beginning to the end.

Partnership for Success

Richersons offers a large selection of fiberglass entry doors, commercial doors, and patio door systems. The benefits of partnering with Richersons include on-time delivery, discounted sample products, custom manufacturing and research and development. We guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Strategies for Growth

Our strategy is to redefine the Canadian market for the door industry. Our mission is to expand our market share in entrance, patio, and commercial doors while ensuring the continuous satisfaction of our partners and homeowners - because they are the reason for our success. Our vision is to have a Designer Arch Door in every home in North America within the next five years and continue our expansion in Commercial and Patio doors.