Testing Results by ETC Laboratories

ASTM D 1761 Screwholding Capacity Test:
Minimum Load: 450 lbs.
Designer Arch Door Load: 867 lbs.

ASTM F 1450 Door Static Load Test:
Minimum Load: 1,000 lbs.
Designer Arch Door Load: 2,169 lbs.

ASTM D 1666 Machining Test:
The Designer Arch Door met requirements for sawing,
planing, boring, drilling and chisel.

ASTM E 283 Air Infiltration
Test Pressure: 1.57 psf (25 mph)
Designer Arch Door Results: 0.10 scmf / ft.

ASTM E 331 Water Resistance
Test Pressure: 2.86 psf
Designer Arch Door Results:
Passed, no leakage past innermost.

ASTM E 330 Uniform Structural Load
Test Pressure: 41.5 psf (positive)
Designer Arch Door Results: Past, no failure.

NERC U Value = 0.15

Standard Door Colors

All colors are computer images and have been reproduced as accurately as possible.
If you wish to paint your door, use either an acrylic latex or 100% acrylic exterior house paint. For a professional looking wood finish, we recommend using Zar Stain, manufactured by United Gilsonite Laboratories.